Use SurferSEO To Optimize Your Content

The discussion in this video is about using Surfer SEO to optimize a blog post for SEO. We explain how Surfer SEO works, mentioning that it analyzes the top ten results for a specific keyword and recommends a word length based on this analysis. It also identifies the Natural Language Processing (NLP) words that should be included in the post. We then demonstrate how to use the software to improve the SEO score of a blog post. We create a blog post using, copy it into Surfer SEO, and let the tool suggest where to insert the NLP keywords. This process raises the content score from 24 to 64.

We also cover the topic of brand enrichment, which involves adding more information to the blog post, such as FAQs and excerpts from related blogs, to optimize it further. We demonstrate this by working on a page about nursing programs in Colorado. After adding more content about the various degrees and programs offered, as well as relevant FAQs and blog excerpts, the SEO score of the page increases from 52 to 73.

We conclude that using Surfer SEO at the beginning of the content creation process can help ensure that the base copy is already SEO-optimized, making improving the score through brand enrichment and other techniques easier.

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