Expand Your Blog Post for Better SEO

Explore the process used to improve SEO rankings for a specific blog post titled “Nine Keto-Friendly Snacks” on the website gimmeseaweed.com.

We targeted the promising keywords ‘keto-friendly snacks’ and ‘seaweed’, specifically focusing on the phrase ‘Is seaweed keto-friendly?’ intending to boost the ranking from the #2 and #3 positions to #1 on Google, hoping to leverage Google’s rich snippets and drive traffic and product sales.

Utilizing Surfer SEO, we discovered that our blog post’s length and content score were significantly lower than the current top 10 results on Google, pushing us to expand and optimize the content.

We employed Jasper AI to act as a nutritionist and expand the content, almost tripling the blog post’s length and incorporating the health benefits of seaweed and a keto-friendly lifestyle.

The content was optimized using Surfer SEO AI to improve keyword optimization, resulting in a score near the top 10 average. We then forwarded the final copy to the brand manager at Gimme Seaweed for publishing.

Google indexed the blog post within days and successfully ranked number one for the keyword ‘Is seaweed keto-friendly,’ all achieved within an hour of work and showing results in just three days.

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